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e-Athithi: Manage your customers needs, the most efficient way

With Phoenix Login  e-Athithi behind you, enhancing your business would  be faster and easier as our software is web enabled and  address all the requirements of a modern hotel.  It suits both small and large hotels.  Features include Front Office Management,  Point of Sale Management,  Accounts Receivables Management and Telephone Management.

01 Features Built around the most contemporary technologies, it is a result of the experience that Phoenix Login has acquired by catering to the hospitality industry. e-Athithi is a comprehensive system with the capability to address all the computing needs of a modern Hotel.

1.1  WEB enabling
1.2  Multi Lingual
1.3  Multi Currency
1.4  Controlled Acces
1.5  Pictoral Display
1.6  Modular architecture

02  Technical Feature

2.1      Front Office Management

    Room Reservations
    Reservation Confirmation
    Walk-in / Check-in
    Room Instruction
    Change Room status
    Amend Stay
    Room change
    Wake-up calls
    Guest message
    Occupancy status
    Floor Layout Plan
    Daily Events Display

2.2       Hotel Facilities

    Facility Reservation
    Facility Reservation Confirmation
    Facility utilised
    Requests for New Facilities
    Facilities Approval
    New Facilities Broadcast

2.3       Bar Facilities

    Liquour Menu
    Happy Hour offerings
    Premium offerings

2.4       Inventory & Stores

    Stock status
    ABC Classifications
    Goods Receipts
    Goods Issued / Sold
    Inventory Reconcilliation
    Order Processing
    Vendor Analysis

2.5       Point-of-Sale

    Pending KOTs
    Sessions Statistics
    Consolidate Sales

2.6       Check-out Services

    Charges Posting
    Advance refund
    Receipt posting

2.7     Staff & Labour Management

    Employee Personal File Maintenance
    Salaries/Wages Record Maintainnance
    Statutory Record Maintenance
    Employee Settlement.

2.8     Event Management

    Event Committee Record Maintenance
    Event Planning
    Event Scheduiling
    Event Monitoring.

2.9     Dependant Masters

    User Authorisation
    Access Controls.

2.10  Reports

    Member wise Transactions (Details/Summary)

2.11  Guests History






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