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Accounting Genie:Online Intelligent Accounting package that enables you to manage all your needs 

Phoenix Login  Accounting Genie software is Platform Independent, WEB enabled software product to meet all your accounting needs of your business, scalable to meet your business growth.

The key feature includes the Voucher Entries, Day Books, Customer Ledger, Supplier Ledger, General Ledger, Trial Balance, etc.

Technical & System requirement

Key Features

Phoenix Login Accounting Genie- Global transacting knowledge and the state-of-the-art technology  provides you to breathe openly from the world of policies and  rules, accounts, data entry.  Each module and feature of Accounting Software provides better access  to your business, helping you to generate accurate and fast data entry transfer.  Our software gives you invincible expanse of reports in turn helping you to take strategic decisions which are critical. It is tailored to suit the needs of every business. 

Customer Management: Accounting Genie helps in maintaining complete records of the customer transactions at the click of the mouse in an easy to use format. The key information area are:  

            - Estimation
            - Invoice
            - Sales Receipt 
            - Received Payment
            - Credit Memo
            - Customer Register                  
            - Customer Summary                                       

Employee information: The employee information/records stored in the format that you choose, making it less cusmbersome and enabling access to information, when you require it.                                   

            -Staff Appointment 
            -Staff Attendance 
            -Attendance Maintain
            -Pay Roll Setup 
            -Pay Process 
            -Payment Issue 

Cash Management: Each entry in the ledger is maintained and your cash availability is always updated. Hassle free way to keep all your cash records.

            -Cash Register 
            -Cash Voucher                       

Application Master: You can define parameters of your specific needs through application customization enabling you not re-enter data again.


Banking Transaction: The software enables you to maintain all your Bank dealing entry enabling you to colloberate all your transactions without refering to Bank internally. The feature enables you to save multiple visit to the banks for availing transaction details.

            -Bank Register 
            -Bank Voucher
            -Journal Register 
            -Journal Entry 

Application Customization: You can customize your company details on the need basis, if you want to do salary, tax calculation etc you can define your own formula of calculations and get instant access to information.

            -Account Head 
            -Tax Code Def 
            -Tax Slab Def 
            -Tax Slab 
            -Tax Structure 
            -Company Info 
            -Printer Setup 
            -Blood Group 
            -Marital Status 

Supplier Managment: Manage your supplier transaction seamlessly, tracking of events and supplier details, summary etc.                                   

            -Enter Bill
            -Pay Bill
            -Supplier Register 
            -Supplier Summary

Report Management: The reports section can generate any report that you would like to access to. This could be trial balance, Profit and loss report etc.                                

            -General Ledger 
            -Trial Balance
            -Profit & Loss
            -Balance Sheet
            -Estimation Report 
            -Invoice Report
            -Bill Report

Benefits: Phoenix login Accounting Genie comes with a powerful accounting features that enables customers to maximise returns on their investment in the software. The Key benefits are:

Easy-to-Use Interface and Navigation.
Comprehensive Accounting & Management Reporting.
Handles Multiple Companies Data. 
Full-featured General  Ledger.
Find Records Via Multiple Search Capabilities.
Drill-Down Features to Source Records & Transactions.
Prints to Pre-Printed Forms Or Prints Entire Laser Form.
Built-In Link Features to Your Accountant.
Built-in Compressed Data Back Up & Restore Options.
Optional Custom ProgramAdd-Ons for Unique Needs.
Provides the Assistance YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT!






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